Friday, January 01, 2010

Words Like Cheese in a Can

Though I'm the offspring of two CPAs, I'm terrible with money. Wait. Strike that. I'm terrible with managing money, but I am great at spending it on mindless shit. I've never balanced my checkbook and I've relied much too frequently on the "courtesy overdraft." This past year I learned a lot of things about myself. I learned that the best thing about leaving home is coming home and that it's good to step outside of your comfort zone (I played a team sport and lived to tell the tale. I even obtained a sports related injury.) One of the most important things I learned, albeit trite, is that money really can't buy happiness. Not the kind of happiness that comes from sharing a hot chocolate with one of your very best friends on a buttery leather couch, watching a For the Love of Ray J marathon (sorry to see you go Extra) with your father, or sharing an eyeroll with your mother when your father suggests that her personal trainer isn't doing her much good. And I learned that while I can make it on my own life is better surrounded by the ones you love. I know that I can't move back home right now and I'm not even sure that I want to, so this year instead of resolving to lose twenty pounds or run a 5k (both of which I plan to do) all I want to do is not take anything or anyone for granted. I think it will be my most difficult challenge yet.

The days go by quickly and at the end of a year it's hard to remember the good, somehow always much easier to remember the bad. I want to Facebook less and face to face more often. I want to savor margaritas instead of downing them. I want to make time for pedicures and park walks. I want to actually get around to meeting every attorney in the firm as my boss has been asking me to do for almost two year. I want to live my life with purpose and with passion and I want to minimize my regrets. And I want to try cheese in a can.


Blog in the Ointment said...

As a wise old movie rockstar character once said, "I am a Golden God."

...or was it, "I am on drugs."

Either way, I like your canned cheese.

spinster girl said...

I thought he said, "I am a golden cod!" This explains so much.

Dorge Kas said...'ve never had cheese in a can? Cheese in a can is like experiencing a color not of our spectrum.

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